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Tiny Bird, Big Tree

A Carolina Chickadee was flitting about in a tall Oak located along the end of the driveway here.  This is an area that is pretty close to a fringe of woodlands and the small gulch that is near the dam of the pond here.  Chickadees are quick, agile birds!  They don’t spend a lot of time in one area unless resting.  This behavior may be defensive in nature.  They are active hunters and catch a lot of insects.  The Carolina Chickadees also eat fruit, seeds, and small cracked pieces of nuts.

Carolina Chickadees have a black cap, grey back, white undersides and a strongly defined black bib under the chin. This is the beginning of nesting season in Cumberland County, TN for many songbirds and Chickadees are among those pairing up.  The Chickadees nest in tree cavities.  I have seen several such cavities in trees here.  There are a lot of tall Oaks lining the street  here, and many other small trees in the gulch area.  It is always nice to see the Carolina Chickadees!  I took these pictures here in the yard on March 20, 2012.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!


Comments on: "Tiny Bird, Big Tree" (12)

  1. TexWisGirl said:

    i figured out we must have carolinas here and not the black-capped i thought we had all this time – at least based on the maps in the Crossley ID Guide. 🙂

    • Hi TexWisGirl, It is very easy to confuse the two Chickadees as the differences are very slight between the Carolina and the Black-capped. Have a very fine evening tonight and am excellent day tomorrow!

  2. At our elevation in Asheville, we have the Carolina and Black-Capped which are ever so slightly larger. Last year, for the first time a Carolina family settled in to my cube nesting box before the wrens staked their claim, so I got to watch the little ones fledge. It was a wonderful experience!

    • Hi Janiece, Welcome! Totally cool that you have been able to see a whole Chickadee family. Glad you did. Have a super good day today and a wonderful day tomorrow!

  3. That is sweet you get Chickadees. We don’t have enough trees for them, but that’s ok. When we go east with the birding club, it is rare that we do not see them then.

    Ah, another Crossley’s user. That is turning into my favorite guide. 🙂 It’s too large to carry on our walks, but it is nice to have in the car.

    • Hi Birding Bunch, Gee, I need to get that guide book myself. Nice that you occasionally get to see the Chickadees. Have a fabulous day and another great day tomorrow!

  4. Great post on the chickadee. They are one of my favorite birds, they are so cute. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    • Hi Eileen, Great that you also have Chickadees. A lot of the small birds have now started coming around my yard. The bird feeder is getting quite busy. The word is out! : )
      Have a great day tomorrow and a fantastic weekend!

  5. I agree it’s always nice to see the Chickadees! I have several nest boxes out for them but so far I haven’t seen any activity there. They are around, but not as many as in the past and I don’t understand why.

    • Hi Montucky, I can’t give you an answer except that maybe it has to do with the unusual weather patterns we have had recently all over the country. I know we had strange weather this Winter here in TN. Very early warm Spring, too. Who can say about your Chickadee situation though. I do hope you will have some Chickadees in your nest boxes soon. Have a great Saturday!

  6. I’m pretty sure we have black capped chickadees here. Either way, they are very cute little birds.

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