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Here are some pictures i took on March 25, 2012, March 26, 2012, and again on March 27, 2012, around the little farm here.  Many of the pictures were taken just between rainstorms when the light was strong and orange-yellow in color.  I also photographed a group of Apple blossoms from one of the two very old Apple Trees here.   Back to wildlife viewing on tomorrow’s post here.  Just wanted a change of pace.   Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  As ever, enjoy!


Comments on: "Spring Scenes from the Little Farm" (10)

  1. Hi Linda, LOVE this blog post… Seeing your little farm/area is just great… I’m jealous that you have that land –and privacy… Wish we lived in the country! BUT–we’re too old to make a move now, plus the fact that we’d probably never be able to sell our home. AND–we have alot in this little place –especially in the yard. Nobody would buy our house UNLESS they loved flowers –and taking care of them!!!!! ha

    • Hi Betsy, You have a stellar yard, for sure! We love it here. We do have neighbors and are close enough to stores and services to feel quite comfortable even though we are out in the country. By the way, FFG Directors say severe weather/ tornado sirens will no longer be in use in FFG. So weather radio, e-mail or text messaging, or phone alert from media weather, and TV news weather, now is what residents should depend on.
      That said, have a good day today!

  2. TexWisGirl said:

    really gorgeous light! congrats on the garden plot! 🙂

    • Hi TexWisGirl, Thank you! Yes, I have planted just under a quarter of the space and only have “Cool season” veggies in such as Broccoli, Onion, Celery, Cabbage, Swiss Chard and so forth. Warm season veggies will be started under the lights in a mini micro greenhouse and then transplanted or just sown directly in the soil of the garden in a few weeks. Can’t trust the weather to stay warm and no hail. Have an especially nice day and a great weekend!

  3. These have such beautiful color!!!! My favorite is that gorgeous yellow one on the top left corner…

    • Hi Ginny, I like that shot as well. I had fun taking these pictures. The light at the exact moment was sensational and I felt compelled to go out and snap a few pictures here. Glad you like these photographs. Have an excellent Saturday!

  4. HI Linda, I enjoy seeing what the farm and your yard look like. You capture beautiful colors and I love the blossoms on the tree. Your garden sounds great, I would love all the home grown fresh veggies.

    • Hi Eileen, I sometimes like a change of pace post. I liked the light and the colors of the moment when I shot these pictures. Glad you like them and thanks! We will like eating organic vegetables we grow ourselves. Can’t wait to harvest but I’ll be patient. Have a super Saturday and thanks for your nice comments!

  5. Great photos! What a wonderful place in which to live!

  6. Love the Springy colors.

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