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Now for a bit of something different:   I was out with the camera yesterday and saw some small fish in the pond here.  Now, these particular fish were the first that I could actually see from the shore.  The pond’s manager has asked that we not fish this year.  I am OK with that request because I don’t manage the pond and want to keep the pond healthy and as beautiful as possible.  The Bluegill fish here seem on the smaller side when I visually compare them to those I had seen in the lake where I just recently moved from.

I noticed several fish nest holes in very shallow water.  The male Bluegill guard the nest where the eggs have been laid.  I saw perhaps ten or so fish around these holes located close to the shore.  The water was only inches deep, too!  Good to see, and interesting, as well.  I did not have a polarizing filter on the lens when I took these photographs yesterday, so the pictures have been worked on a bit with photo-editing software (for greater clarity).  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Comments on: "Farm Pond Bluegill or Bream" (7)

  1. TexWisGirl said:

    glad they’re breeding! and hopefully growing, too!

    • Hi TexWisGirl, I am also glad to see the fish in the pond. If they do grow and reproduce, the pond will be healthy and have those bigger waterfowl and wading birds around. Have an excellent day tomorrow!

  2. Fish are definitely hard to photograph- good shots!

  3. What a nice surprise!!! I also never thought f fish as having nests, but I guess they do!!

    • Hi Ginny, What the fish do to create that nest is to swim in circles and fan with their fins to clear away the mud and debris to create a bowl like area where they lay eggs at. Year after year the fish do this and after many years, there are shallow bowl-shaped depressions on the bottom of ponds and lakes and slow rivers near the shore in shallow water. Have a super good Friday tomorrow!

  4. Pretty cool photos! My hat is off the the farmer for taking care of that pond! It’s great that he does that!

  5. Nice pictures! Thanks for sharing!

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