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The larger flock of Canada Geese have been here at the little farm pond on several afternoons and early evenings lately.  They usually are on the nearby small private community lake.  I have a theory that is just a guess.  I think that because a pair of the Canada Geese are nesting here at the pond, the larger flock come around in the evening to help stand guard.  I do not have any proof of this but it is a thought.  We should expect to see goslings here at the end of the month.

Mr. Canada Goose stands guard by either being on the pond quite near the nest, or by browsing for food on the shoreline near the mother.  At least once a day the mother does go out on the pond for a quick paddle, stretch, preen or groom, and eats.  It has been my observation that the Canada Geese are devoted parents.  Canada Geese take about 28-30 days for the eggs of their clutch of four or five to hatch.  The goslings will remain flightless for about four months.  I took these pictures here on April 8, 2012, and April 11, 2012.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!


Comments on: "A Whole Bunch of Canada Geese" (6)

  1. TexWisGirl said:

    i hope they are successful! how great to watch them.

    • Hi TexWisGirl, Yes, the geese will be in a family way for another couple of weeks and then hopefully, goslings will be hatched. Had an interested Osprey around the pond this afternoon so I think the guard detail is necessary. Have a great Sunday tomorrow!

  2. Great pictures, and even the water looks so pretty! I love seeing how the one will always have his head up and not be eating, he is the guard!

  3. The conditions there are just right for getting to watch them! The geese and ducks here look like they are nesting also.

    • Hi Montucky, I am glad to see the birds, and the waterfowl nesting. I will have a ring-side seat to see the action. Glad you also have waterfowl near you. Have a great Sunday tomorrow!

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