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This male Northern Cardinal is in the height of his glory feather color-wise.  Nesting season is when the birds, especially so for the males, don their brightest and most handsome colors.  This is to impress the female birds, even if the female is already the male’s mate.  So hubba-hubba, this Northern Cardinal is spectacular in the sunlight at the bird feeder.  He has learned to find tasty bird seeds such as the Sunflower Seed, cracked Corn, and Millet.

The only thing that occasionally changes his plans is the bully bird, a male Red-Winged Blackbird.  That Blackbird is quite territorial about the feeder which he has claimed.  So the cardinal works around the comings and goings of the Blackbird!  I took these pictures from my living room window on April 30, 2012.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Comments on: "A Ruby-Red Cardinal at the Feeder" (9)

  1. He is so colorful!! The males feed the females food as a courtship thing.

    • Hi Ginny, Before I became enamored of the woodpeckers, I just was wowed by the Northern Cardinals. They are wonderful colorful and cheerful birds. Glad you also like them a lot! Have a truly fine day today!

  2. TexWisGirl said:

    hubba hubba. you made me laugh!

  3. Gorgeous photos of Mr. Red…. I love hearing their chips! I occasionally see Red-winged Blackbirds out on the golf course –but thank goodness, they don’t come to the bird feeders…

    Think my culprit in the Bluebird Box was a SNAKE, maybe a rat snake. I’ve been reading and reading and talking to others… Seems like that is all it could have been.


  4. He certainly is bright!

  5. Very pretty! We have a pair that hangs out in our burning bush–not sure if they are nesting yet, but hopefully soon.

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