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Eastern Blue Jays have started to come to the area of the Oak grove next to the little farm pond in recent days.  They are at the feeder in the early mornings.  Eastern Blue Jays are a bit larger than the Western Jays or the Scrub Jays.  They are a bright blue, and white with black accents.  They have a long pointed medium-thick black bill.

The Jays roost in the woods in front of the little farm here.  The Blue Jays eat seeds, fruits, nuts, some spiders and occasional worms or caterpillars. The Blue Jays have a very loud screeching song and also have a musical couple of high-low  notes for the calls.  I am glad to see these beautiful birds!  I took these pictures on May 1, 2012 in my yard.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!


Comments on: "The Blue Jay in the Oak" (11)

  1. The jays are really pretty birds, aren’t they? We have them all spring/summer/fall–but they go somewhere else (probably near water) during the winter…. I’ve been told that they can be aggressive –but I’ve never noticed it at our feeders. They ca be loud —but they also have a really pretty call, which surprised me one time…

    Great pictures, Linda.

  2. Hi All, Well, the Canada Geese are proud parents this morning as the goslings have hatched out! All are well and walking around. Pictures tomorrow!

  3. TexWisGirl said:

    oh, congrats on the goslings!!! 🙂

    and once again, that top shot looks like an oriental painting. so beautiful!

    • Hi TexWisGirl, I am so happy that the goslings are here! Yes, because of the grass and chartreuse yellow-green of the Oaks in the background, the camera gives unusual looks to the shots. Very artistic in look. Have a happy and pleasant day!

  4. i like that last picture the best! And as pretty as they are, their call is quite the opposite!

    • Hi Ginny, Thanks! I really enjoy occasional visits from the Blue Jays. I also am quite taken with the differences between the jays we had in California and the bold beautiful big jays here. Have an excellent day and a nice one tomorrow, too!

  5. They sure are pretty! We have a few visit every summer but I don’t know where they nest.

    • Hi Montucky, Those Blue Jays are really stunningly handsome/pretty birds! I want to see if I will ever spot a white Eastern Blue Jay – they do exist and are not albino. Would be a great sight. Have a wonderful Friday tomorrow!

  6. Great bluejay post. They are fun birds to watch in your yard. Great photos.

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