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This little Eastern Chipmunk has twice been here on the porch.  It is attracted by some spilled bird seed which I’m sure is a delicacy for the tiny and very cute rodent.  The Eastern Chipmunks spend the colder months in their underground dens.  I have only seen the Chipmunk the past couple of days so it either came from the far reaches of the little farm or was underground all this time.  Who can say?

These Chipmunks eat seeds, nuts, fruits, roots, eggs and certain insects.  Mostly though, they are plant-eating critters.  They transport their food in pouches inside of their cheeks.  Eastern Chipmunks are light brown with dark brown stripes on their backs and buff undersides.  Running fast is a trait that  allows the Chipmunks to avoid predators such as Hawks and Coyotes. I took the picture from my living room window yesterday at twilight.   It was raining when I took that picture, which may also be another reason why the Chipmunk was on the covered porch.   Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Comments on: "A Chipmunk on the Porch" (7)

  1. Hi There, I’m trying to begin catching up -after being gone for a week.

    Besides the squirrels all over the place, we also have TONS of Chipmunks… They do fill their mouths as full as possible…. Even though they drive me crazy, they are fun to watch.


    • Hi Betsy, Yes, there were a lot more Chipmunks in the Glade than I have so far seen here. I think it is OK since we have a lot of different birds and animals here in the country for us to watch. I just hope the Chipmunk does not take a liking to my veggies. Have a super good day and a wonderful Tuesday tomorrow! We got a lot of rain last night by the way.

  2. TexWisGirl said:

    such a cutie.

    • Hui TexWisGirl, Yes it is! I was surprised at how bold it was until it saw myself and my husband. Not that bold at all it seems! Have a wonderful Tuesday tomorrow!

  3. Cute chipper! I love seeing the chipmunks.

  4. Chipmunks sure are adorable! Unfortuantly our cats keep them pretty well cleaned out from our property, but I do love seeing them.

  5. They can be infuriating, but they are cute and always fun to watch. We have perhaps a dozen here this year.

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