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This Eastern Chipmunk is one clever chipmunk!  It found the yummy snack machine called the bird feeder.  It went right up the pole and onto the plexiglass bottom landing tray.  Because the chipmunk is very light, the animal did not trip the anti-squirrel mechanism and the tray did not dump the little rodent off.  Oh well.  Sly cute and funny.  It is hard to be mad when these things happen.  We likely will need to add a steel baffle on the pole.  Maybe if we are lucky, that will work.

In the mean-time, one of the Grey Squirrels was up on our front porch yesterday morning.  I am not hopeful that the squirrel won’t try to jump onto the bird feeder some day soon.  If it does, it will not stay on the tray unless it really works at it.  Hopefully all will be OK rodent-wise.  I took these pictures yesterday (5/17/12) from my living room window.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger photo. Enjoy! 

Comments on: "An Cute but Uninvited Guest at the Bird Feeder" (9)

  1. TexWisGirl said:

    these cracked me up! his cheeks are stuffed!!

  2. Oh those little stinkers!!!!! Our chipmunks have never gotten on any of our feeders –but they love to pick up anything which has dropped on the deck… The squirrels will do ANYTHING to get to the feeders…

    Hope your squirrel-proof feeder works for the squirrels!!!

    • Hi Betsy, I hope so too! I also am keeping a keen eye out for deer for the garden’s sake. I saw a White-tailed Deer trotting down the street in front of the driveway last evening. Likely was going for a drink at the lake. So far, no deer here on the place – yet. Have a super great weekend!

  3. Awwwwwww!! If you don’t want him, please trap him and send him to me!!! I have so much wished we had chipmunks. Seems the people who have them don’t want them and the people who want them don’t have them. My friend traps hers and drives them over 25 miles away, any closer and they will come right back.

  4. They are certainly cute, but right at the moment I’m not too pleased with the ones here. They just chewed up some of the wiring on my Jeep!

    • Hi Montucky, Oh that is so bad. I feel for you. Critters just do things we find destructive and they are pretty innocent but still a nuisance at times. Hope the wiring does not cost too much or take too much trouble to fix. Have a good day tomorrow!

  5. Love the chippers they are cuties. I would rather see the chipmunks then the squirrels. Have a great weekend!

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