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I took these pictures here in my yard in the last two days.  I am always amazed at the big variety of different birds, ducks and small animals that come around.  I even had this mysterious kitty that is hopefully a neighbor’s wayward pet.    I also saw a Cotton-Tailed Rabbit on the street just in front of the driveway.

The Wood Ducks were lounging on the opposite shoreline near the dam.  The Eastern Chipmunk was sneaking up on the porch looking for bird seed treats.  I saw an American Robin sitting on a fence post.  There even was a Chipping Sparrow on the bird feeder and also a Tufted Titmouse.  The Red-Headed Woodpecker and the White-Breasted Nuthatch made themselves known, too!    I had a great time looking at all the wildlife!  Both of the days I took these pictures on had short, on and off rains.   Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Comments on: "Views of Wildlife Here on the Little Farm" (7)

  1. Aren’t you lucky, Linda, to live in such a gorgeous place –full of wildlife??? That is so neat… I’m so happy for you!!!!!! Great set of pictures.

    • Hi Betsy, Thanks so much! Besides getting to view a lot of wildlife, I have a large garden which is not even half-planted as of yet. Big harvest of table veggies and a few to dry and can also. I am experimenting with the garden this season. I do have Spiny Amaranth a wild weed plant – bad because of its thorns even if edible seeds. So hoeing (cultivating) is my new exercise! Ha! Organic garden. Have a great day!

  2. TexWisGirl said:

    the chipmunks always make me smile. we don’t get them here. love the bunny, too.

    • Hi TexWisGirl, The Chipmunks are cute and so are the bunnies. The rabbits had a convention here the other day but when they saw me walk toward their direction, they all scattered. Funny thing was that I was a long way away down the driveway. Have a great day and a super nice Tuesday!

  3. Great bird photos

  4. That’s a nice assortment! We also get much enjoyment out of the wildlife visitors here. It’s just wonderful to have them around!

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