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We have a few small flocks of Crows here in the neighborhood.  The Crows really do not hang out on this side of the little farm pond much.  When the Crows do come on this side of the pond, they tend to hunt in the next door neighbor’s pasture.  The Crows enjoy finding insects in pastures, and shrubbery.   Crows also eat almost anything they can find whether animal, vegetable or fruit.  They are quite inquisitive and intelligent.  Crows are on the larger side of the medium-sized birds.  They are solid black and have a stout bill.  Their call is the famous “Caw-caw-caw”.  I took these pictures on May 16, 2012 and also on May 19, 2012 in my yard.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!


Comments on: "Crows" (8)

  1. TexWisGirl said:

    i love watching the families come here.

  2. They are so smart, and are fun to watch!

  3. True, Linda… I never see just ONE crow… They are usually with a group!!!!

    We had a great day.. Went to the Smokies and hiked in the RAIN….. ha


    • Hi Betsy, Sounds like you had a nice day! I spent the day watching three rabbits, a pair of Wood Ducks, lots of birds, two families of Canada Geese + their goslings and a persistent chipmunk. Whew! Yes, it rained here too. Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

  4. Crows are very smart birds and do an excellent job cleaning up carrion. Unfortunately a lot of deer are killed on the highways here and the crows clean up the carcases.

  5. For some reason I rarely see them on our property, but they are in the surounding fields (corn, wheat and soy) often.

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