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Cardinals in the Yard

Northern Cardinals come to the bird feeder each day now.  I see the beautiful Cardinals in my yard and in trees near the street as well.  I love seeing that flashy bright red male with his topknot and black mask.  The females are a rusty-orange brown on their back and head with a buff colored underside.  Both males and females  have a coral-red bill.  The females also have a grey mask and a topknot.  Right now I have noticed that several of the birds are in molt and are losing feathers.  This is normal and happens a couple of times a year to refresh their feathers.

The Cardinals eat seeds, fruits, and insects.  They eat of the tray on the bird feeder I have because their bill is too wide for the holes of the feeder’s tube.  Many of the birds seem to have learned to do this.  I took these pictures in my yard during the last week.  By the way, this post just happens to be number 800!  Time flies!  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Comments on: "Cardinals in the Yard" (12)

  1. Gotta love the Cardinals!!!!! Love the way they ‘chip’ when they come to the feeders… They always let us know when they are nearby!!!!! Love it!

    Have a good weekend. George said he needed to water the container roses today also…. We did get some rain during the night a couple of days ago–but we need more. I can always tell when it’s really dry because they water the golf course.


    • Hi Betsy, Today has seen birds mobbing the feeder! Unusually crowded – must be because of nesting. Funny to see the birds on the railing above the feeder waiting in line. There is a real power structure in species and between species – size matters! Ha! Have a great day and a fabulously nice weekend! I always appreciate your nice comments.

  2. I wish I could attract some cardinals to my area.

  3. Great pics! I have been meaning to get out and take photos under the feeders out back…Maybe this weekend.

    • Hi Spotted Face, Thanks! Yes, do go and take some pictures near the feeders. I have found it very hard to spot birds in the trees now that all of the leaves are out on the branches. Exception of course are the bare limbs & woodpeckers. Have a wonderful day and welcome!

  4. TexWisGirl said:

    i love these spunky guys and gals.

  5. I have seen a molting cardinal, and I think they look worse than most. Except maybe the blue jays. It seems that the more colorful the bird is, the more awful and sick they look when they molt.

    • Hi Ginny, You are exactly right. In fact, tomorrow’s post will show an Eastern Blue Jay in molt. Feathers sticking up. Have to feel for the birds when they are bald in patches. Have a great day today!

  6. Sure are pretty birds!

    Congratulations on 800!

    • Hi Montucky, Many thanks! You are among the loyal first group to virtually share the adventures of wildlife watching in Cumberland County, TN with me. Have a great weekend and thanks for your fine comments!

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