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The Northern Yellow-shafted Flicker woodpeckers have been quite elusive around my yards in recent months.  I rarely hear or see them but yesterday was a fantastic opportunity to see these big woodpeckers!  I got to see two Flickers together out in the grass next to the pond.  I think that both are young but not juveniles because they are on the smaller side.   My husband mowed the grass around the pond two days ago and it rained yesterday just before I took these pictures.  The easier access to insects and the moist conditions made it perfect for the woodpeckers to hunt.  I was very surprised to see an Eastern Chipmunk over with the woodpeckers.

The Northern Yellow-shafted Flickers are big Woodpeckers.  Males have a black mustache marking on their face, but females do not.  Both primarily eat insects but also will eat seeds, and fruit.  They are  tan with yellow tail feather shafts and black spots on their undersides.  The back feathers are barred tan and black and they also have a black v on the upper chest.  They have a small red patch on the back of their head, too.  I was totally happy to see them here!  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Comments on: "Two Flickers and a Chipmunk" (10)

  1. TexWisGirl said:

    cute that the chippy hung out with them. i love these birds.

    • Hi TexWisGirl, It was funny – at first from a long way away, I thought that the Chipmunk was another small Flicker. Turned out that the third “bird” wasn’t. Good thing that they all get along pretty well. Cute, too! Have a very fine day today!

  2. Great pictures, Linda…. I love Northern Flickers… Gorgeous woodpeckers!!!! We had 3 Red-Headed Woodpeckers at our feeders this morning. Talk about gorgeous birds!!!! Wow….

    Got a tad of rain –but still not nearly enough… Wonder if we’ll get more tonight/tomorrow?????? Hope so.

    • Hi Betsy, We also had a bit of rain. I am glad you are blessed with three Red-headed Woodpeckers! Exciting to see them. Have a super good Tuesday tomorrow!

  3. Good pictures! And have you ever seen one in flight? I think you may have posted some flying…they are so impressive.

    • Hi Ginny, Thanks! Yes, I’m sure that there are some pictures of Flickers in flight on the blog way back maybe in Sept. 2011 or even in 2010 sometime. They are beautiful in flight with those mustard-yellow feather shafts. Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

  4. Now that you mention it. I haven’t seen Flickers ( or heard them) around here for some time. I wonder where they are!

  5. The flickers are cool birds, I usually hear them a lot more than I can see them. Great captures. Have a wonderful day!

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