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Great Blue Herons

I saw two Great Blue Herons flying from the pond’s shoreline the other day.  I used the camera to follow the big birds’ fight.  My longer zoom lens is on its way back to the factory for an adjustment so I am now using a shorter 28-300mm zoom lens.  I was mildly surprised to see one of the birds land in the crown of a Pine Tree at a location in the neighborhood near another pond.  I had not seen herons there before.  It could just be a temporary stop or maybe that is the new Heron rookery.

I did not see the second bird land but I am fairly confident that both birds were up in either the same tree or one was in another tree quite close by.  The fishing is great in the little farm pond so the birds have food water and shelter nearby where they are staying.  Lots of fat fish, frogs and insects in the little farm pond right now.  This all equals happy Herons!  I took these pictures from my yard on June 10, 2012. Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!


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  1. Great pictures of the herons, Linda. I love seeing birds in flight and seldom ever get a picture of them…

    We didn’t get any rain yesterday… My friend near Nashville got over an inch last night –and we got none…. Seems like all of the recent rain has been going south of us, or fizzling out when it hits the plateau… Oh Well.

    • Hi Betsy, Thanks. No rain last night here either – it did go South as you mentioned. By the way, I saw a Great Blue Heron sitting on the stump near St. George Rd. on Spring Lake yesterday morning. I did not have my camera in the car when I was there. Have a wonderful day!

  2. TexWisGirl said:

    i hope they’re nesting for you!

  3. It’s amazing seeing those big old things in a tree!

  4. Are the herons nesting nearby, it is really cool to hear the baby herons on the nest. Great flight shots.

  5. The GBH is an awesome bird to photograph, always a treat to see two at once! Hope they’re nesting close by for you!

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