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Birds in the Yard

House Finches

House Finch, Male Northern Cardinal

Carolina Chickadee

A Northern Cardinal in molt (poor thing – he has lost his red feathers on his face and forehead), a trio of juvenile hen Wood Ducks, a Red-headed Woodpecker disturbed by the presence of a Mourning Dove on the electric pole, a bunch of House Finches on the bird feeder, a Carolina Chickadee, and the graceful Great Blue Heron were some of the many birds that were here in my yard yesterday.

It rained off and on so some of the birds are rather drenched.   The Wood Ducks are maturing.  It was just a couple of months ago when they were tiny fluffy ducklings behind their mother on the pond.  I took these pictures yesterday, Aug. 3, 2012.  The pictures of the birds at the feeder were taken inside my house through the window, window screen and through the porch rail.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Great Blue Heron

Juvenile Hen Wood Ducks

Mourning Dove, Red-headed Woodpecker

Comments on: "Birds in the Yard" (5)

  1. TexWisGirl said:

    the mourning dove looks like he’s telling the woodpecker to get off the pole!

    • Hi Theresa, Could be. The woodpecker was making the crackling rasp sound that may indicate aggressiveness or agitation. Who knows? I so enjoy seeing all of these birds around here! Almost never a dull moment. Have an excellent weekend!

  2. You know, it might be the close proximity of that pond that makes your bird collection so complete. I’ve noticed here since it has been hot, the birds are more attracted to the water containers than the feeders.

    • Hi Montucky, Likely so. Great observation! There is water, bird feeder, fields of grass and native plants, and many different trees. A great combination of conditions for the birds. Have a super nice Sunday tomorrow and thanks again for your very good comments here!

  3. Good morning, All: For the past two days, I¹ve seen small flocks of young turkey poults in my subdivision near Shepherdstown. They used to be very common and seeing these birds in our woods was not a novelty. Recently‹say, the past 5 years– it¹s been more and more of a rarity. Still have singing birds hereabouts, as well as a male cardinal flinging himself at my sunroom windows. (He¹s been at it all spring and summer. It¹s a wonder he doesn¹t knock himself silly!) Meanwhile, my hummers are competing with not only yellow-jackets, but with nectar-sipping squirrels!! Pesky little brats! Stay cool! Jean Neely Near Shepherdstown, Jefferson Co.

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