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The House Finches were just mobbing the bird feeder all day long yesterday.  I have been refilling my feeder every two-and-a-half days now.  The finches seem to flit between the porch rail, the ground, the metal feeder pole and the actual feeder.  They take turns.  A good thing since I am now seeing the House Finches come in groups of eight to ten at a time.  I think that almost the whole flock is grabbing the Millet and Black Oil Sunflower seeds.

The male House Finches are the ones with the slightly red head and chest.  The females are streaky, light and dark brown.  Finches are fairly  small birds.  By the way, I am now also seeing a couple of the Goldfinches here, too.  Not often do I see the yellow and black Goldfinches.  They are beautiful!  I took the picture of the House Finches yesterday and the Goldfinch on 9/4/12.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Comments on: "Finches Flitting Around the Feeder" (7)

  1. All of a sudden, I have lots of House Finches also… The Goldfinches have moved on —but we really have the House Finches now… Interesting!!!!

    Finally got some good rain last night–about 1.5 inches… YEAH!!!!

    Have a great day… Gonna be a hot one they say.

    • Hi Betsy, Interesting that there are so many finches around this area. Yes, we also had a lot of rain last night, and boy am I happy about it! Have a super nice Friday tomorrow!

  2. TexWisGirl said:

    they must be fueling to fly south, i suppose?

  3. You are keeping the finches happy and their bellies full. Great shots! Have a lovely weekend!

    • Hi Eileen, Yes, I do tend to refill the feeder on demand – good thing there is a feed store in our town that sells fairly inexpensive bird food mixes (pretty bug-free bags, too). Have a fine Friday and thanks for the informative and happy comments!

  4. Must be some long flights coming up. The birds are mobbing our feeders too.

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