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Blue Birds

Eastern Bluebirds are gorgeous orange buff and blue songbirds.  They are superb insect-eaters and beautiful to look at.  They are really cheerful additions to my yard.  I especially enjoy seeing the acrobatics in the air that the little birds have when chasing flying insects.  They are frequently seen perching on my dwarf Apple trees, the pasture fence, the dead top of the pond-side Oak (that is the favorite woodpecker perch too), the bench swing frame, or the electric lines.  I took these pictures in my yards on Sept. 2, 2012, and again yesterday, Sept. 13, 2012.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.

Comments on: "Blue Birds" (5)

  1. they have really been active here – hunting in groups, gathering around the bird bath.

    • Hi Theresa, How wonderful for you. They are great birds to have around as they eat a lot of insects – especially near the water. Glad too, that you have a bird bath. That is something else I need (even with that pond over in the far yard). Have a great coming weekend!

  2. I miss seeing my bluebirds, so I am happy to be able to enjoy yours. Lovely photos. I wish you a happy weekend!

  3. They will stay there for the winter? We see bluebirds only during spring.

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