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American Robins were here in the yards a few days ago.  They were likely on their way to other places.  I have seen robins here several times this year but they seem to be very transient.  These are not true Robins but are members of the Thrush family of birds.  They have a distinctive way of moving along on the grass – they hop upright.  They are also easy to spot with the rusty orange breast and white broken ring around their eyes.  They have a rather “Blabby” sound but it is not unpleasant.  The Robins mostly eat insects and can be found hunting in grassy lawns.  I would estimate that there were about fifteen American Robins here on September 13, 2012 when I took these pictures in my yard.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Comments on: "A Small Flock of Traveling Robins" (10)

  1. i love hearing them as they come through. last winter i think we kept a few here throughout since it was so mild. they remind me of my youth in wisconsin, and i always get melancholy when i hear their chirping.

    • Hi Theresa, Glad to hear that you have Robins around. I like your term “Chirping” better than my “Blabby”. Good thought. Thanks! Have an excellent day and a nice coming week.

  2. I love to hear the robins, they are another bird I do not see often in my yard. It is cool to have a flock of them in your yard. Great shots. Have a wonderful week ahead.

  3. Interesting! There was a similar event here the other day too. Nearly a dozen young Robins (Still with speckled breasts) appeared in the yard and stayed a few days. Perhaps they are also on their way south.

  4. I love watching robins, and have one little fellow provides plenty of entertainment. He’s a British Robin, quite different from the American robins I was familiar with growing up in the States.

  5. Jeffery Connell said:

    Where is everyone seeing Robins flocking? I am in Michigan about 40 miles north of Detroit and have 15-20 Robins in my back yard right now. What is the general old wives tale about seeing flocking Robins and the onset and severity of the upcoming winter?

    • Hi Jeffrey, Welcome. I am in Tennessee and we have a mix of resident birds and birds in transit between the North and the areas to the South and West where birds spend their Winter months. I am thinking that our weather here may be colder this year but like last Winter, a shorter one. Have a wonderful Thurs. tomorrow and thanks for the great comment.

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