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Yesterday I was out walking in the yard and  in front of our place here.  The first bird I saw was the Mourning Dove which perched on the electric line.  The interesting sighting of the afternoon was the Grey Squirrel that scampered out to the road.  It then scooted right across the pavement to a nearby grove of Oaks.  The squirrel had a Hickory Nut in its mouth.  I seldom see any squirrels here so it was a nice sighting.

Canada Geese were  here on the pond.  I accidentally spooked those geese and off they flew.  I wanted to see how things were at the small private community lake across the street and down a small hill.  I noticed that there were a number of Canada Geese there so I snapped away.  I took these pictures on Sept. 18, 2012.    Today I am thrilled to tell you that we have sunny skies and mild cool temperatures here.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Comments on: "Views of Wildlife on a Rainy Tuesday" (5)

  1. i’ll be happy to lend you some of my fox squirrels so you can see them more often. 🙂

  2. I have plenty of squirrels here, wish I could ship some to you! Great shot of the geese taking off. We had a pleasant day today too. Hope the rest of your week is a happy one.

  3. Isn’t it nice to have that kind of variety in wildlife visitors!

  4. Grey Squirrel are very active mammals and it is always fun to photography them. Just photographed one last week and posted on my blog.

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