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Marvelous Mockingbirds

The Northern Mockingbirds were here in the yard last evening when I took these pictures.  I have used photo-editing software to lighten the pictures up so you can really see what the mischief-making mockingbirds actually look like.  Northern Mockingbirds are a light grey with darker grey, black, and white bars on their wings.  They have a pointed bill and are on the smaller side of being a medium-sized bird.

The Northern Mockingbird is a master at fooling people and other critters with a strong and varied repertoire of bird calls and other noises that they have learned.  They are master mimics.  I got fooled yet again by this pair who were sounding very much like an American Robin (yes an American Robin had been around earlier).  Both of the pair were singing and calling to each other so it was double confusion until I figured out the true identity of the birds making the calls.  The Northern Mockingbird eats insects, fruits, and berries.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Comments on: "Marvelous Mockingbirds" (3)

  1. some of my favorite birds. they are so entertaining.

  2. You are lucky to have them there. I see that this area shows up in their distribution, but I’ve not seen them here.

    • Hi Montucky, They do have a wide range. I used to have these birds at my Southern California home a few years back. I hope you get to have some “Mockers” around. Have a wonderful day!

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