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The Mourning Doves here are pleasant birds to have around.  These medium-sized birds are often perched on the electric lines but will scatter off whenever I go outside.  The doves’ wings whistle a bit when they take off in flight.  Their cooing was pretty to listen to on warmer nights this last Summer.  Now that the weather is cool and windy, the doves are less active but are still around.

I am often seeing the doves walking around the ground looking for seed to eat.  Doves eat seeds, and fruits mostly.  I know they like the bird see mix of Millet and Black Oil Sunflower Seed that I have in the feeder.  Of course, they are too large to use the feeder but do get a lot of the fallen seed.  I may eventually put out a low tray feeder but I am still considering whether or not to do so because of the potential for attracting Skunks and other critters so close to the house.  I took these pictures on various days in the past couple of weeks here in the yard.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger photo.  Enjoy!

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  1. Hi, Great photos. We had 3 regular Mourning Doves BEFORE our trip out west. Since I took the feeders down, they must have moved on to another feeding place…. I haven’t seen them since we got back… However, many other birds have found the feeders.. Hopefully the Doves will come back sometime.

    Have a great day and stay warm… No frost last night –but who knows about tomorrow night….????

  2. Cute post and photos of the Doves. They are sweet birds. I love the first shot of the them lined up on the wire.

  3. TexWisGirl said:

    i always make sure there is seed scattered below the feeders for them, too. we have rabbits eating it overnight this summer (something we’ve never had in abundance before – coyotes must be too busy to eliminate them.)

  4. Very nice pictures. I am glad you posted them since our doves have mostly left the yard. I saw one today at our hopper feeder, so that was a treat.

    We saw our nighttime thief, an opossum when we came home last night. 😦 So today I brought in a low to the ground feeder we have. I’ll keep it out for the day, but bring it in every night.

  5. I will miss hearing their calls on those warm summer nights!

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