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There were Tufted Titmice, Carolina Chickadees, House Finches, White-breasted Nuthatches, a male Northern Cardinal, and even my old friend the Red-bellied Woodpecker.  Everyone but the woodpecker seemed quite comfortable and knowledgeable about how a bird seed feeder works.  The woodpecker just picked up Black Oil Sunflower seeds off of the feeder’s bottom tray.  Not as skilled at getting seed out of the tube as his cousin the Red-headed Woodpecker.

The Red-headed Woodpeckers have already migrated South for the Winter but I think the Red-bellied Woodpecker will stick around all Winter long.  I sure hope so.  The little birds are quite fun to watch and often will gather and impatiently wait for their turn at the feeder.  Of course, the feeder space clears out quickly when the woodpecker arrived.  It is “Boss” here!  Ha!  I took these pictures on October 22, 2012 from my yard and my living room window (Cardinal shot).  By the way,  that green background is the large lawn in back of the feeder in those shots.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Red-bellied Woodpecker

Carolina Chickadee and House Finch

Male House Finch

Tufted Titmouse and Carolina Chickadee

Male Northern Cardinal

Comments on: "Birds at the Feeder Yesterday" (5)

  1. cuties. ours are pretty active here, too. i got to see a yellow-shafted flicker the other day! 🙂

  2. Great feeder birds! My redbellied will eat the nuts I sit out on my deck railing. It use to land on the suet feeders but now it prefers the peanuts. Lovely photos of your birds. Have a great evening!

    • Hi Eileen, Interesting that your Red-bellied would take the nuts off the railing like it does. Good for you to be able to see. Yes, I have had a most pleasant evening, and thanks! Have a fine day tomorrow!

  3. Sure is nice to see them at the feeders! We haven’t had a visit from the bear in about a week now and maybe I can put our feeders our again. Now that we have snow, perhaps he has gone of to den up for the winter.

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