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Elusive Mallard Ducks

Most Mallard Ducks around this area are pretty good about being around people.  The two pairs of Mallard Ducks that have been around the little farm pond here, are likely scout ducks that are a part of a larger flock of migrating ducks.  These four ducks have been quite elusive and shy.  I rarely see them and they are usually out and about quickly and only in the early morning or late afternoon.  They hide out in the reeds and rushes or in the bushes along the opposite shore.  I think the presence of the cows occasionally wading in the water also bothers the ducks a bit.  No sign of “Hank” or the geese in the past few days.  It has been a very quiet pond.  Sometime in the next several days, other ducks hopefully may show up and paddle around the pond and the nearby private community lake.  I took the pictures from my yard on Oct. 22, 2012.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!


Comments on: "Elusive Mallard Ducks" (5)

  1. Great pictures of your ducks. We were at the State Park on Sunday —and there were LOTS and LOTS of Canada Geese there –and a few ducks. Glad they filled the lake there now…. It was pretty that day!!! Have you been there? We had lunch –and it was delicious.

    • Hi Betsy, Yes, we have been at that park several times. We actually live just a few miles away from there. It has been a couple of months since we visited the park. Maybe some of “Our geese” were really park residents! Ha! Have a great day. Looking colder next week.

  2. we’ve not had any return, yet. usually in fall they start hanging around again.

  3. I thought I saw “Hank” here a couple days ago, but he didn’t answer to his name so it might have been a relative.

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