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A Woodpecker at the Feeder

This Red-bellied Woodpecker has been coming to the bird seed feeder just below my front porch for several weeks now off and on.   At first, the woodpecker could not make sense of the feeder and would only take a seed from the flat plastic bottom tray of the feeder.  Now, the bird has learned to put its long pointed bill into the opening of the seed cylinder and take a seed.  It prefers Sunflower Seeds to the Millet.  I took these pictures from my living room window on October 26, 2012.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!  I will close with my prayers and best of luck to those in the path of the hurricane Sandy in the next few days in the East.  Our weather here in Tennessee where I live is not really affected much and we are going to be absolutely fine here.

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  1. i was wondering how far inland it would push. glad to hear you’re expected to be okay.

    • Hi Theresa, Just a breezy very cold day here. We are having what would be called the very Western-most fringe affects with temperatures in the upper 30’s F./low 40’s F. in the day and brisk 15MPH breezes – plus frosty nights at freezing or just below. Have a wonderful day!

  2. I love my Red-bellied… I call him Pete —and he (they) come to the feeders most all day… He seems to eat most anything available!!!!!

    Guess what I have ALOT of now at my feeders????? Pine Siskins…. I had a bunch of them years ago —and then didn’t see anymore for several years…

    Hope you have a great day. Stay WARM..

    • Hi Betsy, Wow, Pine Siskins. How wonderful! They are great birds which I almost never see here. We are staying inside today. I am a former Southern California wimp when it comes to colder weather. Ha! Have a super nice day!

  3. I’m glad you Safe clear of the storm effects! I read tonight that there are blizzard conditions now in the Appalachians.

    • Hi Montucky, Our only real effects are the colder temperatures (freezing at night and high 30’s/low 40’s day + lots of wind). We have a very very slight chance of a few snowflakes tomorrow morning but I think that it will just be cold wind here. Steady 15MPH all day and gusts about 30 on occasion today. We are lucky. Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

  4. Hi Linda, great shots of your RedBellied Woodie. They are another one of my favorites. I hope all is well there, have a great day!

  5. Now that the weather has cooled off, we are starting to get more birds at our feeder. Had one of these woodpeckers at the feeder this am.

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