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Happy, Pretty Views

Because of the recent stormy weather in the Eastern-half of the United States, I have decided to post a few snapshots I feel are pretty.  These pictures were taken in my yard a few days ago.  The cattle belong to a neighbor who runs them in the large pasture across the pond.  I urge those who are able to, to consider a donation to the hurricane disaster relief efforts of the American Red Cross for the Super Storm “Sandy” in the Eastern U.S.A.  Thanks!  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!


Comments on: "Happy, Pretty Views" (7)

  1. Beautiful views, Linda, especially the sky pictures… That is what we all need today–some HAPPY PHOTOS… Seeing the damage from the storm is so sad… My prayers are with all who lost so much from that devastating storm.

    No snow here… No Rain…. BUT–we do have lots of WIND and it is COLD outside…

  2. the skies are beautiful. the water reflections, too. i love the fence shot!

  3. I enjoyed your happy scenes. The skies are beautiful and the reflections are pretty. Lovley shots.

  4. Lovely photos–especially the sky shots. It has been pretty gray and cold here, but thankfully we are far enough inland that we don’t get much in the way of storms from the coast. The damage in NY and other places along the coast has been pretty devastating.

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