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The Female House Finch

This House Finch is a female.  She likes the Millet Seed that I put in the bird feeder.  House Finch females or hens, are a medium-brown with a lighter more ivory chest that is streaked with brown.  The bird has a wedge-shaped beak or bill.  She is a seed eater and will also eat small fruits.  As her name says, she likes staying around houses, especially porches.

The House Finches here will fly under the porch here into the exposed crawl spaces.I think that they do this to avoid Hawks and also to stay out of the cold wind.  Smart birds.  The males look like the females but have a Salmon red color on their heads, and throats during the nesting season.  I believe that these birds will stay in this area all Winter.  I took these pictures in my yard yesterday, November 4, 2012.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Comments on: "The Female House Finch" (6)

  1. Hi Linda, Brrr—it’s chilly this morning.. We have a roaring fire going in the fireplace… I don’t have too many House Finches –although they may be mixed in with our gazillion Pine Siskins. The House Finches are larger —and don’t have the yellow on them , but otherwise, they are similar…. We still have some Goldfinches around –but the Siskins are trying to take over all of the feeders…


  2. they are cuties. i’ve been seeing more house finches again in the past week or two. must be heading south.

  3. They are nice visitors and seem to do pretty well even in our winter climate. The feeder helps them too I think and I keep it full in winter.

  4. They are cute birds to have at your feeders. I do not see them often around here. Right now I seeing more Pine Siskins, Goldfinches and the Purple Finches.

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