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Another Woodpecker Wednesday

This Red-bellied Woodpecker has been coming to the bird seed feeder at least once a day for a few weeks now.  I wondered how well it would cope using a regular bird feeder, and well, it has learned how to obtain the seeds quite easily.  It basically takes the chosen seed with its claw and paws the seed out of the hole.  When that does not work well, it will also use its long pointed bill to help scoop the seed out.  The result is that the woodpecker has learned to get Sunflower Seed out of the feeder tube.

So, I have now seen the Red-headed Woodpecker, the little Downy Woodpecker, and the Red-bellied Woodpecker feed at the bird feeder here in this yard!  I took these pictures yesterday afternoon, Nov. 13, 2012, in my yard.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Comments on: "Another Woodpecker Wednesday" (10)

  1. red-bellies are so incredibly handsome. 🙂 and smart.

  2. Smart little bird, isn’t he? My red-bellied used to only eat the suet… Now–he loves to get on the plate feeder and get the fruit/nuts there… AND of course, they all seem to enjoy sunflower seeds…..

    • Hi Betsy, You are a kind birder to have the fruit and nuts out. By the way, I saw about 300 Coots out on Lake Tansi this afternoon. Also went to the State Park and saw the flock of Canada Geese there. That bunch really begs! Ha! I will post pictures of the Coots here soon. Have a really nice evening and a good day tomorrow, too!

  3. The Redbellied woodies are beautiful birds, I love to see them in my yard. Great captures! Have a lovely evening and a great day tomorrow.

  4. It’s amazing how smart birds are when looking for their favorite foods!

    • Hi Montucky, I know what you mean. Now I am refilling the bird feeder three times every week. That is why I went with the less expensive seed mixture. Have a great day tomorrow and thanks for the wonderful comments – I enjoy reading them!

  5. I have a red-bellied that comes frequently to the feeder. Such a handsome bird!

    • Hi Kateri, Gee, I am hearing more and more stories of people having the Red-bellied Woodpeckers at their feeders. Excellent! Have a really fantastic Thursday tomorrow!

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