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DSC_0832 - 2013-02-05 at 15-52-39

This friendly White-breasted Nuthatch was curiously watching me watch it.  I have never been closer to a songbird here in TN then I was to this little cutie!  I think I was only about eight feet away from the bird.  I stood still and just looked thorough the camera.  It was when I started taking pictures that the bird became a bit alert and finally moved to the bird feeder from the porch rail.  After grabbing its bird seed from the feeder, the tiny grey black and white bird flew over to the Oak and tucked the seed away in the bark of that tree.  I took these pictures in my yard on Feb. 5, 2013.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

DSC_0836 - 2013-02-05 at 15-52-47DSC_0841 - 2013-02-05 at 15-54-29DSC_0850 - 2013-02-05 at 15-56-29 (1)


Comments on: "Watching" (8)

  1. TexWisGirl said:

    so cute! i’m jealous. 🙂

  2. The nuthatches are cuties. They are the one bird that do not seem to mind being close. Cute shots!

    • Hi Eileen, I think that this bird has been around awhile and has learned that I am not going to hurt it – it would be a stretch to think that it knows that I feed it. Have a wonderful coming week!

  3. Wow, lots of good detail here. A brave bird, indeed.

  4. That’s a terrific picture of the nuthatch at the feeder! They are beautiful birds!

  5. Great captures and an awesome experience! It’s so exciting to be so close to a bird and get some wonderful shots. 🙂

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