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Getting to Know the Critters

I have been spending a few days in Florida and am getting to know the neighborhood birds and critters. After our move,  we will be living in a large neighborhood of single-story attached row homes. There are a lot of huge shade trees which the birds and squirrels are enjoying as much as I will be. Shade is good on hot Summer days.

So far I have seen Eastern Bluebirds; Northern Cardinals; Grey Squirrels; a Downy Woodpecker; lots of Common Crows;  a few tiny birds that I think are a type of Warbler;  a bunch of Turkey Vultures (circling in the sky);  and I heard an Owl of some type.  There are also a number of small lizards which I believe are Anole Lizards.  No pictures as I did not have my Nikon with me. Well, I am sure I will be spotting and taking pictures of a lot of wonderful Florida wildlife in the future when my move to Florida is done.


Comments on: "Getting to Know the Critters" (8)

  1. Good luck to you, Linda, on your new endeavor.

  2. TexWisGirl said:

    glad you’re getting a good feel of the place and will have lots of trees, too.

  3. I hope good luck will be with you on your move and stay with you in your new home!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful neighborhood! When we lived in town, I never paid any attention to the birds, but I can imagine it is full of treasures we do not see out here. Thank you for posting an update in the midst of all you need to do.

    • Hi Birding Bunch, Thanks! The new neighborhood in Fl. will be full of wonderful birds for me to get to know. One drawback is that I won’t have a bird feeder out for a while since a couple of neighbors have reported that rats have been around in the area. I do not want to encourage rats, that’s for sure! Have a super good Thursday tomorrow and thanks for the nice comments!

  5. I will be looking forward to reading about your findings in the area!

  6. It is nice you were able to visit your new place and check out the wildlife there. It sounds great. Maybe you can plants some plants that will attract the birds. I think you will be very happy there. I hope to move to Florida when I retire too.

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