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DSC_1741 - 2013-03-04 at 15-16-01

These two Red-bellied Woodpeckers were up in two different Oaks in my old neighborhood in Cumberland County, TN when I took these pictures on March 5, 2013.  The chatty birds were doing what woodpeckers often do, which is scout for insects, nuts or fruits to eat.  I think I startled one of the birds which promptly flew off.  The Red-bellied Woodpeckers are fun to watch.  They use their long curved claws to walk seemingly upside down along branches and the trunks of trees.  I really enjoy seeing woodpeckers and am quite glad that there are several woodpeckers in the new neighborhood in Florida where I will be living soon!  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

DSC_1831 - 2013-03-04 at 15-38-00

DSC_1745 - 2013-03-04 at 15-16-04DSC_1744 - 2013-03-04 at 15-16-04


Comments on: "It’s Woodpecker Wednesday!" (9)

  1. Love the Redbellied woodpeckers, they are fun to watch. Great shots! Hope you are having a happy day!

  2. I am glad you will see woodpeckers in your new neighbourhood. I know how much you enjoy them. You caught the red belly nicely in your photos. I hope moving preparations are going well for you.

    • Hi Birding Bunch, Well, it is currently 28 degrees F. and snow is thinly on the ground here in Cumberland County, TN. I have been packing boxes and now have my boots on to go to the shed and sort there. I will really enjoy going South in a couple of weeks! Have a super nice day and a great day tomorrow, too!

  3. Great pictures of the Red-bellied Woodpeckers.. We have them here –and they come to the suet feeder regularly. They are fun to watch…

    The weather is not cooperating with your plans to pack up and get moved, is it????? Bet you won’t miss this weather in sunny Florida.

    • Hi Betsy, So far, I have not been outside except to take my trash out. Brrr. I sure do imagine that Florida will be a great place to live! It is still just below the freezing point here and snow is still very much around if not falling. Hope you have a great and warmer day tomorrow. I hope to get my work in the shed accomplished tomorrow – too cold today!

  4. These are very clear pictures, and the first one is unusual!!

    • Hi Ginny, Thanks! It was a combination of good weather at that moment, and I was almost right under the tree where the bird was at. I had my long lens on the Nikon, too. I just love seeing all woodpeckers! Have a super evening – hope you don’t have bad storms in your area. Snow is sticking around here but at least we have not had any more since early this AM.

  5. They are sure pretty! Wish we had a few here, but we have plenty of the Downeys now though.

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