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A Rainy Day in Florida

Yesterday I saw a Crow, Bluebird, and a Warbler.  These seem to be some of the birds commonly seen in my immediate neighborhood.  Yesterday morning when I was out walking around trying to take pictures of birds, the weather was cloudy and there was a little drizzle.  Birds don’t like to be out when it’s cloudy or during storms if they can avoid it.  Two neighbors have bird feeders and I sometimes see the Bluebirds around that home.  These Eastern Bluebirds also benefit from one neighbor’s bird house which is designed for Eastern Bluebird nesting.  The Crow was drinking from a neighbor’s rain gutter.

Yesterday while driving home from the local Farmer’s Market where I shopped for vegetables, I saw a Red-tailed Hawk (no picture as I did not have my camera with me).  I also saw a trio of Cattle Egrets along one of the main highway streets in town.  There are horse farms that border the highway so that is why the Egrets may have been out next to the roadway.  Lots of birds and animals here in my region.  You will be seeing pictures from not just my street area but the greater community in coming days.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Female Eastern Bluebird

Female Eastern Bluebird

Likely a Palm Warbler

Likely a Palm Warbler

A Common Crow

A Common Crow

Comments on: "A Rainy Day in Florida" (3)

  1. Never saw a palm warbler before!

    • Hi Ginny, They seem to be close in looks to a Yellow-rumped Warbler. There are a lot of these tiny birds in and around my front yard. They are feasting on the caterpillars in the Oaks here at the moment. Have a really fine weekend and thanks for your always appreciated comments!

  2. I’m glad to see that you will have a great variety of wildlife in your new neighborhood!

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