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Almost Wordless Wednesday

Carolina Wren

Carolina Wren



Most of these photographs were taken in the past week in my yard and along my street here in Florida.  The picture of the Koi was taken at our local privately operated park.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!


P.S.  My thoughts and prayers to the town of West, Texas.  It sure has been a terrible week here in the United States of America.  Please consider donating to the American Red Cross or the Salvation Army for disaster relief (especially for the tiny town of West where many homes have been blown down by the explosion in that fertilizer factory plant).  Many thanks!

Male Eastern Bluebird

Male Eastern Bluebird

Tufted Titmouse

Tufted Titmouse

Anole Lizard with partly missing tail

Anole Lizard with partly missing tail

Common Crow

Common Crow


Comments on: "Almost Wordless Wednesday" (8)

  1. love that you have a koi pond there!

    • Hi Theresa, Yes, the local park, designed and operated for the local developments but open to the public, is more like a botanical garden than a general city-type park. There is a medium-sized Koi pond with, I’m guessing, about twenty larger Koi. Of course, the pond has several protected areas covered with anti-bird wire. There also is a nice viewing pagoda right over the pond. Beautiful area. Have a wonderful day today and thanks for your always great comments!

  2. i like the cute little wren the best. I was attacked by one once, they are spunky!

    • Hi Ginny, That particular little bird lives in the front yard bushes both here in my yard and in my next-door neighbor’s yard. It loves the Texas Private bushes for shade, shelter and bugs! Glad you like the picture. Have a wonderful day and thanks for your faithful comments here – I appreciate it!

  3. I am glad to see you have the pretty bluebirds there. And the wren is a cute. Neat sighting of the Anole Lizard. Great series and post. Have a great evening and happy week.

    • Hi Eileen, Thanks! Our weather here at my home in North-central FL has been pretty good recently. Not too rainy or even terribly hot. Good for spotting birds and critters. Have a great day tomorrow!

  4. I really like your Carolina Wren. You are blessed to have one in your yard. I am glad you still see the Titmice. I remember you had those at your last home.

    • Hi Birding Bunch, Yes, apparently there are many Tufted Titmice around this neighborhood and several here in the immediate yards. Lots of larger birds around, too. Have a great day tomorrow!

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