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Wineburgh-Lillienfield Family Unknown

This Little Blue Heron was spotted wading in a very shallow and murky small pond at the Blue Run of Dunnellon Park on the Rainbow River in Dunnellon, Florida.  There is another larger pond within this nature area as well where I also saw some large birds (I will post on these Wednesday in part 2).  Although this park is the exit access for river canoe, kayak, and tube floats, and it does get busy in the parking lot area, the nature trails were tranquil while I was there.

The Little Blue Heron breeds in Florida and in other Gulf-Coast states.  The Little Blue Heron lives in swamps and wetlands.  It eats small fish, crayfish, aquatic insects, small reptiles and frogs.  The Little Blue Herons seem to be about 3/4 the size of the Great Blue Herons.  The juveniles are bluish-white and get their blue coloring as adults.  When breeding, the bird’s neck and head turns slightly purple.  Both genders look-alike.  I took these pictures on May 19, 2013.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

Wineburgh-Lillienfield Family Unknown (1)

Wineburgh-Lillienfield Family Unknown (2)

Wineburgh-Lillienfield Family Unknown (3)

Wineburgh-Lillienfield Family Unknown (6)Wineburgh-Lillienfield Family Unknown (5)Wineburgh-Lillienfield Family Unknown (4)


Comments on: "Large Bird Week, Part 1 of 3: A Little Blue Heron" (11)

  1. i would love to see a little blue! and a tri-color, too! i think we’re too far north to get them here, though.

    • Hi Theresa, I hope you do get to spot these birds. I may just be able to spot a Tri-color Heron myself at this same park where I saw the Little Blue Heron. I have not yet ever seen a Tri-color. So, hope we both get to see one. Have an excellent day today and a super coming week!

  2. Hi Linda, What a beautiful bird… Love the colors! Wonder if some of your special birds are visiting the little pond near where you used to live??? I’ll bet they miss seeing you around!!!!


  3. Awesome pictures! I at first thought it was little because it is a baby Great, but now I see it is another type, a LITTLE BLUE. i have never seen one, and these are AWESOME pictures!!! He looks so blue, much bluer than the Greats.

    • Hi Ginny, Many thanks! Yes, blue he is. These birds can be a little lighter and darker than this one at times in their lives. Have a fantastic day!

  4. I love the Little Blue Heron, they are one of my favorite herons. But, then I have so many favorites. Great sighting and photos. Hope you have a great evening and week ahead!

  5. This is a look at a bird I had never even heard of. Great photos and information!

    • Hi Montucky, Florida is providing me with plenty of new critters to watch and enjoy! Glad you liked seeing this big bird. I was very close to the bird while staying on the trail. That particular park seems chock-full of opportunities to see swamp animals. Have a wonderful Tuesday tomorrow and thanks for your great comments!

  6. The animals and birds in this park are wild and are out doing what wild creatures do. It is wonderful to see the birds engaged in their daily lives up close.

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