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I took these pictures of this lone American White Ibis in the now somewhat drier shallow rainfall collection basin across the street from my home on Monday afternoon (July 8, 2013).  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger photo.  Enjoy!Wildlifewatcher's Blog (4)

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Comments on: "An Ibis on an Almost Wordless Wednesday" (12)

  1. Beautiful photos of the Ibis, Linda. You have captured many different birds since moving down there. BUT–I’ll bet your little bird friends in TN miss you!!!

  2. Gosh, I guess these ibis just kind of wander around your area, how fabulous!!! You live in Florida? i have heard that huge and awesome big birds just wander around in people’s yards there. The kind we only see in zoos.

    • Hi Ginny, This is the fourth time in four months that I have seen the Ibis here. The most I have seen together here were six. I noticed this Ibis when it flew into the rainfall basin. These basins are placed on each street in tandem so there are a series of these grassy shallow, but pretty long rectangles. Nice to have green spaces to see. These fill with perhaps a foot of water during big storms and serve to replenish the Florida Aquifer. Have a wonderful Thurs. tomorrow. Yes, we live here in FL now full-time.

  3. a happy guy, i’m sure!

    • Hi Theresa, Yes, it was probably eating tadpoles (this basin is presently dried up so I think the birds knew the tadpoles were much more visible and easy to get). Have a wonderful Thurs. tomorrow!

  4. They are neat birds to have so close to home. I have to travel some to see the Glossy ibis, the White Ibis is uncommon here. Love the photos, have a great evening and week ahead.

    • Hi Eileen, I was totally surprised to see these large birds smack in the middle of a residential area. We do have these green spaces on every street with shallow water so that is likely why the Ibis stick around the area. Also we have permanent golf course water hazards and ranch ponds here and there. The rivers and large lakes are within 25 miles so there are a lot of places for these big birds to be comfortable. Have a wonderful Thursday tomorrow!

  5. Pretty cool that you get to see them!

  6. They sure are an odd looking bird, aren’t they? (sort of like the strange looking woodcocks I found this year). The Ibis has an old, aged look to me … even though they are probably quite young.

    • Hi Bearyweather, I think odd is a good description. They seem to be really nice birds. I think it unique to have big wading birds among homes. These homes have been here about 30 years so I can’t really say that this is a new development in a wild area. Our development does border a very large ranch and is in a fairly suburban area of the county. Have a wonderful Friday tomorrow!

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