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I am doing “Wordless Wednesday” on Thursday (I totally thought I had posted yesterday – I need to pay better attention) with Crows and Eastern Bluebirds this week.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

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Comments on: "A Black and Blue Wednesday" (11)

  1. happy black and blue to you! 🙂

    • Hi Theresa, Why thank you! What happened is that I pressed the icon for “Save” instead of that “Post” icon yesterday and merrily thought all was well. I was very busy yesterday, too so did not really notice why I had no comments. Oh well. Sr. moment! Ha! Have a great day today!

  2. Couldn’t get much more different than these two! Do the crows pick on the bluebirds?

    • Hi Ginny, No, fortunately for the Eastern Bluebirds, the Common Crows are satisfied with the natural bounty available around with easy pickin’s. Have a great day today and thanks for the always welcomed comments.

  3. I have some neighboring ravens (my black) whose calls grate on my nerves (there is nothing pretty about it). My bluejays are beginning to visit the feeders again … they are quite noisy, too … but, it is not as harsh as the ravens. Happy Thursday to you.

    • Hi Bearyweather, I know the feeling. First an Owl sat hooting and carrying on in the Sycamore Tree near my bedroom window (at 3:00AM!!!) and then the Crows started to caw a lot. Noisy birds but oh, so smart! Blue Jays are at least sometimes musical. Have a fine day!

  4. I love the bluebirds, always a treat to see them..Great photos, have a happy weekend and weekend ahead.

    • Hi Eileen, One of my neighbors behind my building has a Bluebird house that has had two families grow up in it this season. I see bluebirds a lot but did not see any today (very rainy here). Have a super nice Friday tomorrow!

  5. Those are nice pictures of the crows and really cute ones of the bluebirds.

    • Hi Montucky, Thanks! I have had a few crows around here today but not when I had the camera handy. Our next door neighbor has just had an old tree removed and that commotion with the rains has kept birds away. Have a super good Friday!

  6. Great Black and Blue Day, Linda…. As you know, we have both crows and bluebirds here. Gorgeous birds —all of them.


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