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Red-headed Woodpeckers and a Pileated Woodpecker were the focus of my picture-taking efforts on several days in the last couple of months.  I took the photographs of the Red-headed Woodpeckers at a small pasture area where there are lots of dead standing Pine Trees.  That pasture is very close to the entrance to the development where I live.  These tall dead trees provide the woodpeckers a place to live and also sometimes have many insects that the birds eat.

The Young Pileated Woodpecker was spotted in my own front yard.  That was the only time I have seen a Pileated Woodpecker here in Florida in the few months I have made my hone here in Marion County, Florida.   I had also seen a Downy Woodpecker here in my front yard once, and that was back in March.  Sorry to say, I missed getting a picture of that particular bird here.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  I hope you’ll enjoy these pictures.   I really love spotting and photographing  my favorite birds, the Woodpeckers!

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Comments on: "A Look at Some Woodpeckers" (9)

  1. Glad you saw a Pileated in your neck of the woods. As you know, we have lots of them around here. We also have tons of Red-bellied and Downy Woodpeckers. BUT–I don’t see Red-headed too much… I have had one at my feeders on occasion this summer.

    Great photos.

    • Hi Betsy, Near the main gate of this development, there is a small pasture that has probably at least six Red-headed Woodpeckers and also several other birds. That is where I mainly go to find woodpeckers as here on my street is very hit or miss to see one. Glad you are still having woodpeckers at your bird feeder. Have a great weekend!

  2. oh, love those pileated! so cool!

  3. The Pileated photos are fabulous! Such bright clear red, even from such a distance.

  4. I love those Pileated woodpeckers! I’ve seen only one ever.

    • Hi Montucky, So happy for you that you have seen a Pileated Woodpecker. Those woodpeckers are really outstanding birds. Have a pleasant Sunday tomorrow!

  5. Awesome woodies shots, I love the Redhead woodie and the Pileated. Have a happy weekend!

    • Hi Eileen, Many thanks! I am especially enthusiastic about all of these woodpeckers. Glad you like the woodpeckers also. Have a super Sunday and thanks for your always interesting and nice comments!

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