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Bluebirds and Cardinals

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Northern Cardinals and Eastern Bluebirds make their home in my neighborhood.  I have been sick this week with a cold and am frustrated that every time I have gone outside to take pictures of birds, there are no birds to be seen.  The weather has been hot, breezy, cloudy, and most days, rainy.  The birds also are at the end of their molt so these combine to cause me to not get the pictures I want.

Soon I will be feeling fine and soon the birds will feel great also!  I took these pictures of the Eastern Bluebirds and Northern Cardinals from my yards back in July.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  As always, enjoy!

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Comments on: "Bluebirds and Cardinals" (8)

  1. hope you get to feeling better soon! love the female cardinal.

  2. Sorry to hear about your cold! Hope that gets better soon and that the birds reappear.

  3. So sorry, I hope you will be well soon! And I know you will be, because the Bluebird Of Happiness has found you!

  4. My favorite bluebirds, thanks for sharing. They have been missing from my yard, so I am happy to enjoy your bluebirds. Have a happy weekend!

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