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There are four Great Blue Herons now roosting at the park here.  I have blogged about the herons in this park before,  and thought I’d check in on how they are doing.  I took these pictures of the herons on their rookery or nest, last night at 6:00 (park closes at 7:00).  It is an uncrowded time at the park.

I saw the three herons up in and around the stick nest up on a sturdy branch of a Long-leaf Pine Tree.  The parent bird came and gave some food to the noisy older juveniles and then had to leave.  There was a lot of commotion and noise from the juveniles who were clamoring for more food.  I was amazed to see the parent bird fly over quite close by to where I was at and calmly start to fish a bit in the decorative park pond (no Koi now – just mosquito fish and a few turtles).  So all is well with this family of Great Blue Herons.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.   Enjoy!  Have a safe and very happy holiday weekend!

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Comments on: "The Great Blue Heron Family" (9)

  1. how cool that you get to see a rookery!

    • Hi Theresa, Yes, I am really jazzed that these herons and their home is so close. The park was created by the developer here and is stunningly beautiful. It is run by a foundation and is open free to the public. It is mostly used by the residents of the two neighboring developments. Have an outstanding coming weekend!

  2. It’s so neat to see pictures of them near that nest! What a sight!

    • Hi Montucky, I so agree! I am thrilled that when I go to that park, I see herons. The herons have water, large evergreen trees, and food. They seem to be fairly un-disturbed by the people who walk along the sidewalk near their tree (They are way up in the tree). Have a really nice weekend!

  3. What an interesting crew you pictured in your first photo … I can hear all the ruckus from here 😉

    • Hi Bearyweather, Exactly! The youngsters really made a fuss and cried out for more food when Mom (or maybe it was Dad) left. Lots of bodies in that nest. Good thing it was sturdily made and on a thick branch of that Pine. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Great find, watching the heron babies being fed is cool. Great shots, wishing you a happy weekend!

    • Hi Eileen, Yes, the heron family is neat to watch. My husband and I went to a Florida State Park in a swamp (near Gainsville off of I-75) so I will have some different pictures of Egrets and Herons to share on this blog soon. Have a super good weekend!

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