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Guana Wildlife Area

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This is the Guana Wildlife Management Area near St. Augustine, Florida along the Coastal Highway, A-1-A.  There is an education center that I did not go to, and a number of hiking trails through the forested areas.  Most of the area that I could see was the area of the Guana River marshes.  There are apparently Alligators and Manatees there at the marsh but I did not see these while I was there.

I did see a lot of people having big success fishing from the shore near the parking lot.  I also saw a few Snowy Egrets, a lot of Grackles, several Terns and Gulls, and a magnificent Osprey (Friday’s blog post here).  The area is posted with warnings about how Alligators can be dangerous to those wading along the shore.  I did see a couple of younger men standing in the shallow area of the river while fishing, but thankfully for them, no Alligators were around.  I hope to get back to see more of this beautiful large marsh park.  I took these pictures on Sept. 11, 2013.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger pictures.  Enjoy!

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Comments on: "Guana Wildlife Area" (12)

  1. My brothers used to live in St. Augustine –and I visited there many times… My mother even lived down there for awhile before she went into the assisted living home. I have never even heard of the Guana River Wildlife area… BUT–I wasn’t into birds years ago when I was there. I must much more into ‘going to the beach’… ha ha

    Great set of photos… Can’t believe those guys stand in the water where there “might” be alligators… Yipes.

    • Hi Betsy, I was amazed that these guys fished by wading into waters that could indeed have Alligators – there was a big sign stating the danger. This area is right on A-1-A. We did go to St. Augustine. Saw the Castillo de Moro. Highly interesting place. Have a super day today!

  2. i like the grackles lined up on the fence. 🙂

    • Hi Theresa, Yes, there were Grackles everywhere! The fishing was excellent and the Grackles wanted in on the fun. Guess some got innards from the clean-up. We did not fish but there were about fifteen people all catching fish one after another while we were there. Have a great day today!

  3. I would love t go here!!

    • Hi Ginny, There is a nice city beach in Jacksonville, Fl, a great historical area in St. Augustine and this marsh area. We did not go to the beach near this river area because there had been a lot of sharks following baitfish during the previous couple of days. Likely why the fishing was so excellent at the river marsh area where I took these pictures. There is an education center building there also but we did not go (Mostly environmental education for school kids I think). Have a great Tuesday tomorrow!

  4. You have found some great places around your new home!

    • Hi Montucky, Yes, the back roads are good and the area is beautiful. Being retired has a lot of advantages – especially so in that we can travel when it is not crowded. Though snow birds (people from up North who visit FL for the Winter) will come soon. We live an hour from both coastlines. Have a great Tuesday tomorrow!

  5. I would love to visit this place, great birds. My favorite shot is of the Grackles on the fence. Alligators and sharks, I think the fishermen should watch out! Have a great day and week ahead.

    • Hi Eileen, I think you may enjoy the place a lot. I did see several hiking trails through the mixed Oak and PIne forest on the back side of the marsh along the ridge. I did not hike due to not being dressed for that. If you do go, and decide to hike, there are signs warning of ticks so do use bug repellant and wear appropriate clothes and boots. There also is the area where I was along the parking lot which has good views of marsh and river. Have a fine day and a great Wed. tomorrow!

  6. Love the Egrets- what a great place!

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