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Two Snowy Egrets joined the Little Blue Heron at the golf course pond here last evening at twilight.  It seemed like the big wading birds were out fishing for dinner.  The Snowy Egrets are medium-sized wading birds with bright yellow feet, lighter yellow legs, and a touch of yellow above their bill.  They are a bright white in color. The Little Blue Heron is probably the same one that I photographed a few days ago in that same pond.

One side of this pond is along the golf course fairway, and the other side is just off a street here.  This pond usually stays full of water all year around unlike the rainfall retention ponds elsewhere in this development.  I took these pictures last evening at about 6:00PM.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!






Comments on: "Snowy Egrets & The Little Blue Heron" (8)

  1. happy we’ve just begun getting a few snowies here on the pond. 🙂

  2. The tp picture of the little blue is fantastic! I also like the two of them together with the heron’s wings spread.

  3. I especially like the first photo. You can see how much different it is from the Great Blue.

  4. Some of my favorites, both the Little Blue and the Egrets. Great shots! Have a happy Sunday and a great week ahead!

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