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Small Wildlife Today

Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly

An Anole Lizard, A Zebra Long-wing which is the Florida State Butterfly, a Monarch Butterfly, a Killdeer bird, a couple of Grey Squirrels and a Cicada are the subjects of today’s post.  The Killdeer was at the same pond where the Little Blue Heron was the other day.  Anole lizards are all over the place here in Florida.  They can change color from green to brown and even an orange-tan, and are basically harmless.

The Cicada shown may only be an empty shell as it did not move.  They have come up and out from their many year-long sleep (some 13 years, others 17 years) underground during their immature stage.  The Cicadas go up into the trees, and change shell (exoskeleton).  The males make a huge amount of noise to attract their mates, meet their mates, enjoy adult life a bit, the females lay eggs (which hatch and nymphs fall to the ground and burrow down – nymphs suck tree roots for nourishment).  The adults then die off as their life cycle completes.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!



Anole Lizard

Anole Lizard



Grey Squirrels

Grey Squirrels

Florida's State Butterfly

Zebra Long-wing, Florida’s State Butterfly

Comments on: "Small Wildlife Today" (9)

  1. that longwing is spectacular!!

  2. The lizard hes an orange head, I wonder if that means mating season for lizards? I LOVE your zebra butterfly shot, and the monarch, and the killdeer, I just saw a Killdeer recently

    • Hi Ginny, Oh how nice for you about seeing the Killdeer. They are neat shorebirds even if slightly inland. Have a fabulously nice day tomorrow!

      • Hi again Ginny, I think that the Anole had changed color partly from having been on the more orange-colored part of the wooden fence. They change color when the spot they are on changes color (browns and greens are the color tones they have).

  3. Love your wildlife day! The Monarch and Zebra are beautiful. And I love the cute lizard. The cicada is a little creepy to me! Wonderful post and photos, have a happy week ahead!

    • Hi Eileen, I think that the Cicada is also creepy but still of enough interest to include here. I do like seeing the butterflies. I hope you have a really nice Tues. tomorrow!

  4. Very nice selection of little ones!

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