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A Carolina Wren


The Carolina Wrens here in Florida seem to be a tiny bit chunkier than the ones I had seen up North in Eastern Tennessee.  The Carolina Wren shown here was busily hunting for insects in the thick hedge in front of my porch.  Carolina Wrens are round-shaped Cinnamon-Brown birds with long up-swept tail feathers.  They have a white stripe above their eyes.  Both genders look-alike.

Carolina Wrens are alert birds  that don’t mind being around houses and structures.  They are pretty active little birds that eat insects as well as fruits and berries.   I have been seeing several kinds of small birds in my neighborhood in the last couple of weeks.  I took these pictures on October 4, 2013.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!


Comments on: "A Carolina Wren" (9)

  1. I haven’t seen any of these birds, I am guessing they are a bit larger than the tiny brown wrens.

    • Hi Ginny, Yes, they are a little larger than House Wrens. They are really pretty and like being around porches and houses, and especially hanging potted plants. Have a wonderful evening and a really nice Tuesday tomorrow!

  2. i love these dearies!

  3. Love the cute wrens, just adorable. Have a happy week!

  4. By your description of their traits, they must be closely related to the Canyon Wrens that we have here.

  5. Hi All, We had the remnants of the former Tropical Storm Karen here today in Marion County, Florida where I live. No trouble at all – just a lot of rain and a couple of thunderstorms. Wildlifewatcher

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