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New canal construction project work

Some New Canal Construction Work

Just fits!

Just Fits!

Open lock

Open Lock

I had the pleasure to make a partial transit from the Caribbean Sea to Lake Gatun last week while on a cruise vacation.  We entered the first set of locks just at sunrise. The cruise ship we were on  is classified as a “Panamax-sized” ship.  These are the largest ships that fit in the locks.  We had three feet on either side.  One cargo vessel in front of us had less clearance.  The ship’s toll for our particular transit was approx. $300,000.00!   A new canal is being built which will allow  larger ships to transit.

The fresh water in the locks comes from a man-made lake, Lake Gatun, fed by the Chagres River.  The Panamanians are in charge of the Panama Canal operations now.  It was a fascinating morning there at the canal.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy.  P.S.  More wildlife tomorrow!  Sorry about the weird layout – happens when I do captions.  I’ll learn.,,

The Locks

The Locks

Admin. Building

Admin. Building

Next lock

The Gatun Locks


Comments on: "A Few Photos of the Panama Canal: Special Edition" (8)

  1. That’s someplace I’ve never been –and would love to see. Thanks for all of the great info and photos.

    • Hi Betsy, If you ever have the chance to do this trip, I recommend it. You may notice a difference in my pictures from this trip. I used a borrowed lens that is shorter (and much lighter!!!) to take the photographs. I just could not bring myself to haul the long zoom lens around as it is heavy. Have a super good day today and thanks for your nice comments!

  2. eek!!! just a marvel of engineering!

    • Hi Theresa, Yes, I agree! Especially true when one considers that much of the equipment is 99 years old and functioning pretty well. Shipping interests will rejoice when the new canal is finished right next to the old one. Maybe will open end of 2015 +-. A real engineering feat for the old and new. Have a wonderful Wed. tomorrow!

  3. Good pictures of things we mostly never see.

    • Hi Ginny, I loved seeing the locomotives, canal operations, Panamanian workers, and the other ships (up close). The wildlife in the lake and river was a pleasant bonus, too. Have a fabulous day tomorrow!

  4. Amazing that they can calculate so closely!

  5. Wonderful photos of the Canal! It is an amazing place to visit. Have a happy day!

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