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Carolina Chickadee


Carolina Chickadees are precious little birds!  A few are here with the other smaller songbirds that have been arriving in the last two weeks.  These grey, buff and black birds are super fast and flit around a lot.  They are hard to photograph because they don’t stay perched in one spot for very long.  The neighbor here has a bird feeder that has been delighting the Chickadees.  This feeder is under a covered porch also shaded by the huge Oaks.

The Chickadees have been flying from the large Live Oak trees along the street behind us, to feast at the bird feeder.  These birds love seeds, small pieces of nuts, fruits, berries and small insects and spiders.  I am sure that I’ll be seeing more of these cuties in coming weeks here.  It’s been very windy here and a bit cooler.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

DSC_6793 (1)DSC_6794 (1)DSC_6794 (1)

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  1. i love these little active things!

  2. Love these cute little chickadees! Even their sound are cute! Have a great evening and week ahead! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Chickadees are my favorite birds and there are lots of them here now, probably to spend the winter here. I’ve found several sunflower seeds that they have hidden in cracks in firewood. They spend most of their day picking up food and storing it somewhere for winter.

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