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Neighborhood Crows


Crows have made this neighborhood and the general area their year-around home.  These medium-sized, black-colored birds are very smart and oh, so territorial!  I have twice seen Crows run a Hawk off by chasing the predator until the unwelcome bird just gives up and leaves the vicinity.

The Crows eat a variety of foods such as acorns, berries, insects, eggs, and small lizards.  They prefer live food to carrion but will sometimes act as the clean-up crew.  The Crows also will eat human foods such as breads and crackers and pet food.  They love eating sunflower seeds and will eat from low tray-type bird feeders.  I enjoy seeing the Crows here and even welcome hearing their early morning cawing.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture of each Crow.  Enjoy!




Comments on: "Neighborhood Crows" (8)

  1. i like that we keep them year round here, too. 🙂

  2. We have some around here, too. Phil had a pet crow as a boy, Billy. Crows are actually quite brilliant.

  3. Nice shots of them!
    There are many here too and I also like them. One in particular talks to me in the mornings and responds when I imitate him.

  4. Great post on the Crows! I see them often on my deck, eating my birdfood. They seem shy and take off when they see my watching them.

    • Hi Eileen, How interesting about your area’s crows being shy. Our crows here practically disregard the residents (high density housing?). I again saw a bunch of crows chase another large bird off in the skies above the house here this AM. Have a super good Sunday tomorrow!

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