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I read an article in the Miami Herald online that mentions that a Snowy Owl has been sighted in a state park near Jacksonville, Florida.  No, I am not able to travel up there anytime soon so I will likely miss seeing this bird.  Snowy Owls are usually seen way up in the Arctic or in Canada so it is really rare (only the third time here in Florida).  I can’t post the link here as it won’t work, but I do recommend that you try to look up the article.

Back to regular posting tomorrow!


Comments on: "A Rare Florida Visit By Snowy Owl" (6)

  1. i just saw another blogger from florida post about seeing one. she is near the viera wetlands.

  2. not sure if you’ll be able to pick up this link to her blog or not…


    • Hi Theresa, I just followed your link and went to Tammy’s nice site. Thank you so much for that link. I sure wish I could make it up there to see the bird in person, but we are still recovering from having been sick with colds so traveling is not in the cards right now. Have a great coming week and thanks again!

  3. It is too bad the owl is far away from you. It would be neat for you to see it, they are beautiful. Have a happy evening and week ahead.

    • Hi Eileen, I think so too! I’ll just have to enjoy this bird virtually. I am happy that other Florida resident and guest birders have a chance to see the Owl! Have a great coming week!

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