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This pair of juvenile Yellow Bellied Sap Suckers  were flitting about in the Holly Tree across the street from my home yesterday, January 7, 2014.  The pair of older juvenile woodpeckers also flew over to a nearby Pine Tree and were clinging to the trunk with their long sharp claws.  I also had spotted one of the Sap Suckers clinging to the hefty trunk of an Oak nearby before seeing the pair fly over to the holly.

Yellow Bellied Sap Suckers peck into trees such as Pines and Sycamores and Oaks and drink the sugar-rich sap.  They also will eat insects found in the bark of the trees on occasion.  The juveniles have a rather brownish tinge to their backs on top of the black and white barred coloring.  This brown disappears as they grow into adults.  The adults have a small red patch with the adult males also having a red throat.  I took these pictures early in the morning and it was 31 degrees F. out.  So the birds and I were pretty cold!  Please click the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!


DSC_8214 - Version 2DSC_8234 - Version 2DSC_8241 - Version 2

Comments on: "Woodpecker Wednesday: Yellow Bellied Sap Suckers" (8)

  1. i love their mottled feathering. we had one here – i felt sorry for it the last few days, trying to find sap to eat when all was frozen stiff.

    • Hi Theresa, Yes, a lot of the birds were suffering with cold these past few days. I am seeing many more kinds of small song birds here – guess the much colder air up North has caused many birds to become “Snow birds”. Have a super good Thursday tomorrow!

  2. Yes—all of the birds were suffering this week… Luckily today–we are finally above freezing… Yeah.. Our low yesterday on our deck was a MINUS 10…. Gads!!!!!

    Love the Sapsucker. I don’t see them here –but I know that they are around. They just don’t come to the feeders…

    Thanks for your wonderful comments on my blog post.

    • Hi Betsy, Wow! Minus 10 degrees F. is way way low! I have never been in a place that cold. I am a warm weather type. We had a low of 34 last night here so no freeze for us. I saw new birds here this AM plus the Sap Sucker. Have a wonderful day tomorrow and thanks for the update on the ‘Glade.

  3. I just love all the woodies, wonderful sightings and photos. Enjoy the rest of your week!

    • Hi Eileen, Saw a Pine Warbler, a pair of American Robins and a life new, a Yellow-throated Warbler! It was a brisk AM here but fun to get out and see birds across the street and in my own yard. Have a super nice Thursday tomorrow!

  4. Pretty and interesting birds. They probably love your climate!

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