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A Pair of River Otters!

DSC_8535 - Version 2

This duo of River Otters was spotted fishing and swimming in a spring-fed pond in the Blue Run of Dunellon, Marion County Park in Dunellon, Florida.  This pond is very close to the Withlacoochie River.   The park has easy, flat nature trails next to this pond, and is the major take-out spot on the river for kayakers and float tubers in Dunellon.  It is a very busy place in the Summer and on weekends.  When we were there yesterday, there was only one other car in the parking lot.

These River Otters eat large numbers of fish.  The pond at this park seems offer a lot of small perch and perhaps some catfish as well.  There also are always waterfowl eggs, frogs, and turtles for the nourishment of the Otters as well.  I was thrilled to see these Otters which were on the opposite shoreline from where I was.  I am glad I had the long lens!  I took these pictures yesterday afternoon (Jan. 9, 2013).  It had been sprinkling a bit but the rain had stopped by the time we started our nature walk.   Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!

DSC_8536 - Version 2DSC_8544 - Version 2DSC_8542


Comments on: "A Pair of River Otters!" (12)

  1. how fantastic to see them!

    • Hi Theresa, This is only the second time in my life that I had seen River Otters. The first time was more than 40 years ago, up in Gold Beach, Oregon on the Rogue River. So, yes, it was pretty fantastic to see the Otters! Have an extremely nice weekend!

  2. What a special treat!

  3. Wow—that is neat–getting to see the Otters… Not sure I’ve ever seen any other than in photos. Congrats…

    • Hi Betsy, Supposedly there are River Otters in Lake Dartmoor but I had not seen any at all when we lived in the Glade. I was thrilled to see this pair of River Otters yesterday. I was surprised to see how large these animals were (about 4 feet long from head to tip of tail and quite chunky-looking). Have a great weekend!

  4. Cool sighting of the river otters. I have only seen them a few times. They are so cute. Great shots. Have a happy weekend!

    • Hi Eileen, So happy you also have seen the River Otters! Another thing that impressed me about this pair was how closely they were swimming together. Perhaps they are a mated couple, or mother and child? Who can say. Have an excellent weekend!

  5. Lucky you … I could watch otters play all day long. Such an entertaining critter to be able to see.

    • Hi Bearyweather, I sure did enjoy seeing the two Otters! Glad you also have fun watching these animals. Have an enjoyable Sunday tomorrow and thanks for your always nice comments!

  6. adorable and awesome experience to watch them!

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