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The Crows vs. The Hawk

DSC_0521 - Version 2

The Crows and Red-shouldered Hawk were battling close to my house very late in the afternoon on Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014.  In fact, the hawk perched in the top of the large Sycamore Tree in my back yard!  The Crows perched across the street in a similar tree.  There also were a few other crows in several nearby trees.  Lots of noise from all those crows, and the hawk, too!  Caws and ear-piercing hawk calls filled the air for several minutes.

The Red-shouldered Hawk was the one that gave up and left.  For how long, is the true question!  This has been a long-term give and take between the neighborhood Crows and that Hawk.  I have been hearing a hawk’s call in the morning most days now.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!


Comments on: "The Crows vs. The Hawk" (7)

  1. they do battle, don’t they? i don’t know how hawks survive with such attacks any time they try to move into territory.

  2. It must have been fun to watch the show between the hawk and crows. The Hawk is awesome looking bird. Great captures. Have a happy week!

    • Hi Eileen, I got outside at the conclusion of the overt flight and flap. Sometimes it’s hard to grab the camera and get outside in time to see some of the action. Glad I did not miss seeing the hawk. Sorry it was pretty dim light by that time. Have a tremendous day tomorrow!

  3. Hi! Glad to have found your blog! Thanks for your visit and comments! I would have to bet on the hawk as well, but those crows sure are brave!

  4. Those crazy crows! 🙂 We witnessed a crow harassing a Red-tailed Hawk last week. The hawk just sat there the whole time until the crow grew weary of the exercise. The crow landed in another tree and it was only then that the Hawk flew off.

    • Hi Birding Bunch, Fabulous story about the hawk and crow! Thanks for sharing it. Crows seem pretty persistent, but the same might be said for the hawks! Ha! Have a really great Thursday tomorrow!

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