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A Snowy Egret, a Red-shouldered Hawk, and a Northern Mocking Bird were seen on March 16, 2014 and on March 18, 2014 here in my area.  I spotted the egret on the largest rainfall retention pond here.  The mockingbird was spotted perched on a shipping container in the parking lot of the health club that fronts this particular pond.  The hawk was sitting in the old Pine Tree across the street from my house.

It rained in the last couple of days so our ponds have again filled with water.  The hawk has been around here a lot – I think it is the same one that the crows have been after.  I sure get a lot of enjoyment out of viewing the many birds here in my area!  Pretty soon, I hope to be seeing more of the herons and Ibises here.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy

DSC_1049DSC_1056 - Version 2DSC_1053 - Version 3 (1)




Comments on: "Large, Medium & Small Birds" (5)

  1. i like your 3 sizes. 🙂

  2. Great series of birds and photos. I like how you layed out the three different sizes and photos. Have a great evening and I hope rest of the week is happy too.

    • Hi Eileen, I often will try to show a variety of birds on Wednesdays if not concentrating on the woodpeckers. Glad you like the idea. Thanks! Have a great day tomorrow! I appreciate your always fine comments!

  3. That’s a great shot of the hawk in flight!

    • Hi Seasons, Thanks! I got the picture just as it took off. I have seen that same hawk here in the last three days now. Guess the squirrels and little birds are easy pickings . Have a super nice Friday tomorrow. Happy Spring!

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