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Lots of Ring-necked Ducks visit lakes and ponds in Cumberland County,  Tennessee in the Winter months.  I took these photographs in 2010.  The drakes are tuxedo-marked black and white.  The hens are a rich light brown and tan.  These ducks have a ring on their bills but also have a very faint white ring deep in the crease of their neck.  This neck ring is seldom visible.

The Ring-necked Ducks are diving ducks and eat lots of aquatic plants as well as some insects.  It was a lot of fun to duck-watch back when I lived on the small man-made fishing lake where I took these photographs.  It is one of the things I am missing here in Florida.  I have only rarely seen ducks here in Marion County and I have only seen small groups of ducks and no large flocks.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the larger picture.  Enjoy!





Comments on: "Older Pictures of Ring-Necked Ducks" (11)

  1. they’re incredible handsome ducks. i like their stout look and hardy bill. i’ve only had a couple stop in here, but have loved that they have!

    • Hi Theresa, So glad you have these ducks on occasion. I am going to be going back into my photo files to show some older unpublished pictures on this blog for the next few posts. Have a super nice coming weekend!

  2. Hi Linda, Do you miss your time in our area? Bet you do at times —but be glad you weren’t here this winter… We didn’t get much snow –but we had some horribly cold temps….

    Great photos of your ducks… Someone told me there is an Eagle on Lake Catherine… I may (if I ever have time) go and check it out….


    • Hi Betsy, I do miss the area and my friends and the wildlife – not that cold Winter weather! Florida has a nice climate, is inexpensive and we are becoming acquainted with several new friends. Hard to believe we have been here in FL a year already! Have a very nice weekend and I hope your flowers bloom soon! You have lovely yards.

    • Hi again Betsy, Yes, there were two pairs of Bald Eagles in your area when I last lived there. They fish in the lakes. Have a super good evening tonight!

  3. Those are pretty birds! Haven’t seen them here, but now we are getting our summer waterfowl and they are very welcome!

  4. navasolanature said:

    Found your blog via Earth Day blogs and love the way you write and show your own views of nature. Am trying to do the same in Southern Spain!

    • Hi Georgina, I just had a quick read of your really fine blog – will be a regular for me. I just love watching birds and wildlife. I try to educate and share the beauty with my posts. I was an elementary school teacher for several years prior to my retiring. Have a wonderful day and welcome!

      • navasolanature said:

        Thanks, we sound similar! And there are some beautiful moments to share . Thanks for taking a look.

  5. Wow, awesome collection of ducks and photos. Have a great evening and a wonderful Sunday!

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